Thazha kozhambu/ Thalaha kulambu/Thalaga Kulambu or 7 vegetable kozhzambu

Thazha kozhambu/ Thalaha kulambu/Thalaga Kulambu  or 7 vegetable kozhzambu
This kozhambu/kulambu is prepared along with the Thiruvathirai kali on
the day of Aruthra darshan/arudhra tharisanam or Thiruvathirai. The
general custom is that to take all the tastes namely salt, sweet, sour
and spicy chili, which means life is also a mixture of good and hard


1. red chili –  3 numbers
2. corriander seeds-  2 table spoon
3. bengalgram dhal – 1 table spoon
4.pepper  -  ¼ teaspoon
5.cumin seed  ¼ teaspoon
6. tamarind  - 1 small size lemon
6.grated coconut    3 table spoon
7.fenugreek seed  ¼ teaspoon

1.brinjal –  1
2.pumkin  - 1 medium slice
3.drumstick  -  1 number
4. beans  -  4 numbers
5.tomato –    2 numbers
6.potato  -    1 small
7.Green plantain –  1/2

Put the pan on the stove, add 2 teaspoon oil and fry all the ingredients.
When they come to room temperature, grind it coarsely.
Now, put another pan add some oil and fry all the vegetables.
Add tamarind juice, to the vegetables and add some salt and turmeric powder.
Now when they start to boil, add the grinded powder and let it to boil
for 8-10 minutes.
Then, season with mustard seeds, fenu greek seeds, curry leaves, red
chili and asafetida.
Turn off the flame and the thalaha kulambu is ready.

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