Proper Eating Method – The Traditional Way

Proper Eating Method – The Traditional Way

These are the rules, suggested by our ancestors, that are to be followed while eating. It is said in our culture that “Food is Medicine”,(unnave Marunthu). We should know how to take in that medicine which is our food. Observing these rules in our daily life, helps us to live healthy.tamil food

1)Wash your face, hands and legs before eating – because when we wash it increases the

temperature of the digestive system.

2) Do not drink water 15 minutes before eating – because the water we drink may reduce the density of

acids in the stomach and  hence food is not easily

digested and may lead to diabetes.

3) Close your lips while chewing – as excess air may go in if you chew with mouth open. It is said that

If the stomach is filled with food then water and then air for easy


4) Eat breakfast before 9:00 am – The spleen works well at this time and the enzymes produced from

The spleen aids digestion.

5) Feel the colour, taste, smell, temperature and viscosity of the food while eating – Avoid watching

television or reading while eating.

6) Eat all the six tastes in daily meals – sweet, sour, bitter, salt, pungent, astringent in the right amount.


Lets have a look at the usefulness of eating these six tastes daily.

Sweet – Present in fruits n whole grains such as rice, wheat and also in root vegetables. This tastes makes us feel contented. It is used Ayurveda for debilitating weakness, for hair growth and is also good for skin.

Sour – Present in yogurt, cheese, lemon, tamarind, coriander and in citrus fruits. This taste stimulates appetite and increases salivation. It also helps to dispel gas. Taken in right amount it is good for heart and also aids digestion.

Salt –Salt that we normally take acts as an anti-spasmodic and laxative. It also helps digestion and promotes salivation.

Bitter – Present in bitter gourd, spinach, fenu greek leaves and seeds, turkey berry (sundakkai in tamil).This taste has abundance of benefits as it acts as an antitoxic and germicidal. It promotes digestion and is very important for cleansing of the blood and other vital organs of the body.

Pungent – Present in onion, radish, chili, ginger, garlic, asafetida, black pepper and mustard. This taste increases appetite and improves digestion. It also gives taste to food. It cures obesity and improves circulation and facilitates sweating and elimination of toxins.

Astringent – Present in unripe banana, cranberry, pomegranate, turmeric, beans, saffron, basil .This taste stops diarrhea, reduces sweating and also aids healing.

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