Kashayam for Easy and Normal Delivery

Kashayam for Easy and Normal Delivery

Kashayam for easy and normal delivery and good health of mother and baby.

Delivery Kashayam

Delivery Kashayam



  1. Charana Root 20 grams,
  2. Kurunthatti root 20 grams (Sida rhombifolia),
  3. black pepper 10 Nos.
  4. Palm sugar or Jaggery or honey as per taste.

For convenience, the ingredients can also be powdered as per the given ratio and stored to be used everyday.


Take 500 ml of water in mud pot or brass vessel.

Add all the ingredients and boil the water until it becomes less than half(200 ml). Filter and ready to be consumed.Pregnent women should drink this Kashayam every night after end of 8 month to ensure easy and normal delivery.


The oily nature (valuvaluppu) of the roots helps the baby to come out easily.

More over, the herbs will improve the immunity and health of mother and the baby.


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