Daily Kolam / Thina Kolam

Daily Kolam / Thina Kolam

These kolams are to be drawn on each day of the week. There are totally 7 kolams, for each day signifying each deity. These kolams are drawn in front of the pooja room or the place where God is kept.There is a unique pattern and symbol for each day.

There are slogams to recite on each day. Each day of the week is important for each God, reciting the particular slogam on the particular day helps one acquire all what they want. It also bring in good luck and fortune.Drawing these kolams, and reciting these slogams is said to bring all the goodness in life.


Monday: This kolam drawn on Monday is specially for Lord Soma (moon).

thingal Kolam - Monday Kolam

Tuesday: The kolam drawn on Tuesday is special for the Navagraha Chevai which is the Mars.

Chevvai Kolam - Tuesday Kolam

Wednesday: This Kolam drawn on Wednesday signifies Lord Budhan (planet Mercury).

bhudan Kolam - Wednesday Kolam

Thursday: This kolam is drawn on Thursday signifies Lord Guru Bagavan, which is the planet Jupiter.

Viyalan Kolam - Thursday Kolam

Friday: This kolam drawn on  Friday is to honour lord Sukran which is the planet Venus.

Velli Kolam - Friday Kolam









Saturday: This kolam primarily honors Lord Shanieeswaran which is considered to be the most powerful planet Saturn.

Shani Kolam - Saturday Kolam


Sunday: This kolam is drawn on Sunday and this is specially drawn for the Sun God, Surya Bagavan.

Niyayiru Kolam - Sunday Kolam


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