Sri Jwaraharaeshwarar – Vaitheeswaran kovil

Sri Jwaraharaeshwarar – Vaitheeswaran kovil


Sri Jwaraharaeshwarar – Vaitheeswaran kovil


There was always enmity between the ’Devas’ and ‘Asuras’. Once Sukracharia sent an Asura named ‘Kriththasura’ to destroy the ‘Devas’. Kriththasura also tries to trouble the Devas but in vain. So he decides to trouble the people in the earth. He creates diseases like fever and troubles the people.

The distressed people prayed to Lord Siva to save them. Lord Siva sends his “bootha Ganas” to help the people. But Kriththasura, in turn, defeats the “ganas” of Lord Siva. So Lord Siva and Trimoorthi’s  take a single form with three faces, three legs, three hands, three eyes. He holds Agni(fire) in one hand, ‘Thandam’ (stick) on one hand and blesses with the other hand. The Lord destroys all the poisonous diseases and blesses the people, and hence is known as “Jwaraharaeswarar”( the one who kills fever).

This sanctum of Sri Jwaraharaeswarar is located in Vaitheeswaran temple in Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu.

Reciting the below slogam 11 times and praying to Lord Sri  Jwaraharaeswarar, helps us get cured from fever, insect bites, and all disease.

                         Dhus swapna Dhussakuna DhurKathir Dhourmanasya

Dhurbaksha Dhurviyasana Dhurvya Samsi Uthbadha Dhaba

Vishabeetham Asathkkra Karaththeem Vyadheem Sanasayath

Mejakatham Atheesa.



Sweet Bholi Recipe

Sweet Bholi Recipe

Sweet Bholi Recipe

Sweet Bholi

Sweet Bholi

Sweet Bholi is a indian traditional Sweet made in South India. It mostly prepared on the auspicious day of Bohi, a day before Pongal. Bohi is the day we celebrate to trash the old and worn out things, thoughts from our mind and start the year afresh from Pongal. The recipe is made simple for easy and quick preparation. The recipe is categorized into 3 steps for easy planning before preparation.

Please checkout the Video of the recipe here


Maida – 2 cup

Jaggery – 1 cup

Grated coconut – 1 cup

Split Bengal gram – 1 cup (kadalaiparuppu)

Salt and turmeric powder – a small pinch

Cardamom – 5 nos



For dough :

Add maida a pinch of salt and a small pinch of turmeric. Add little water and knead it well until the dough becomes soft. Keep it aside for 2 hours.

For stuffing (pooranam):

Boil the split Bengal gram a little (until you can break easily with your fingers). To this add grated coconut, jaggery and cardamom grind it well without adding water. This is the stuffing or pooranam.

For bholi:

Spread the kneaded maida into a small circle, now keep the stuffing or pooranam in the middle and make it into a ball. Now spread the dough along with the stuffing into circles. Put this on a pan and apply ghee and fry until it turns golden brown on both the sides.

Bholi is now ready!

New Year 2014 – 2015 Predictions

New Year 2014 – 2015 Predictions





This New Year is born with ‘kethu’s’ domination and is going to shower abundance of fortune and wealth. This year will bring forth numerous changes in your life. You will be able to meet all your financial needs. Your supporters and well wishers are going to help you throughout. You will have a merry time with your spouse. All the obstacles that you have faced so far will soon be over. Your own horoscope will explain a lot more details. Make sure you avoid unnecessary quarrel with your friends and well wishers. You may have to travel a lot and have increased workloads. The “sani peyarchi” at the end of this year may increase your trouble and anxiety in all ways. Change of either place or job or house or vehicle may take place.

Pariharam : Since “Chevvai” is your presiding star praying to Lord Muruga on Tuesdays will do good.


Rishabam / Tarus

Rishabam / Tarus


The people of rishabam generally like to entertain others, this is because ‘sukran’ is your presiding deity. Your presence of mind and sense of humour is amazing. This year is going to be a fortunate year for you. Your proposed tasks may get accomplished at the last moment. Since you have good contacts your needs may get fulfilled soon. You will be respected and honoured everywhere. Children will do good in studies. Those who seek Government jobs have a bright chance. There might be some issues regarding your ancestral properties. The “sani peyarchi” taking place at the end of this year will give good benefits. Do not interfere in others problems. Also make sure you don’t share your problems with others.

Pariharam: Worshiping Godess Ambika on Fridays will do good.


Mithunam / GEMINI

Mithunam / GEMINI


This new year is going to bestow a lot of happiness and wealth on you. The “Arthashtama Sani” is going to take place this year, so praying to Lord Hanuman will bring success. Auspicious events will take place this year. Business is going to flourish. The tasks which you had handed over to others will be completed by them in a good manner. Children will do well in their studies. You will be overwhelmed as all your proposed work gets accomplished all on a sudden. Your health will continue to remain good.

Pariharam: Worshipping Lord Vishnu on Wednesdays will do good.


Kadagam / CANCER

Kadagam / CANCER


The people of kadaga rasi are usually very thoughtful, practical and proactive. The beginning of this year is not going to be very  fruitful. Though you earn a lot, your expenditure is going to be equal. Since the power of “Arthasthama Sani” is still ruling your rasi, think well before you do anything. Due to power of “Chevai” you might expect help and support from your siblings. Dispute over ancestral property will settle down. However, it is going to be a mixed year. Hence think properly and act wisely.

Pariharam: Worshipping Godess Ambiga on Mondays will lessen your sufferings.


Simham / LEO

Simham / LEO


This new year the ruling deity of your rasi “suryan” is in the 5th place. Lord “Buthan” and”Chandran” are also joining along with “Suryan”. Hence your economy is going to improve this year. Real estate will give huge returns. Those who are in politics and social works will experience increased responsibility.  Long awaited auspicious function will take place this year. You will come out with good business ideas that is going to bring fortune. Your relationship with your sibling will not be fine. Pay more attention to your health issues. Your business partners may cheat on you. There might be severe financial crisis.

Pariharam: Since “Suryan” is ruling your rasi worship Lord “Uma Maheswarar” on Sundays will do good.


Kanni / VIRGO

Kanni / VIRGO


This new year is going to be good although “elarai Sani” is ruling your rasi. Although Sani is getting over at the end of this year, you will experience good results at the beginning of this year. Expenditures may increase. You may even lose some of your close friends. The disagreements between you and your spouse is likely to settle down. You might be pushed into a situation where you may have to sell your property or gold. A very noble person is going to guide you this year. Business is going to yield good returns. Students will improve in their studies.

Pariharam: Worshipping Lord Hanuman will do good.


Thulam / LIBRA

Thulam / LIBRA


The beginning of this new year might bring in some health issues. The hard work that you had put in for the sake of others will not do good. Legal issues might turn in your favour. Relatives and siblings will help you improve your career. Due to “Sarpa Graham” ‘s domination you may not be able to take a stern decision. Have to be very careful at the beginning of this year. But after the “sani peyarchi” many auspicious events will take place. There are chances to buy new land and vehicles.

Pariharam: Praying to Godess Parvathi on Fridays will do good.


Viruchigam / SCORPIO

Viruchigam / SCORPIO


You can look forward to a wonderful new year. Happiness, glory, achievement, wealth and good health are all going to be on your side this New Year. Business agreements and success will be pouring in. You will be financially sound. Your work will be well recognized and acknowledged both at office and at home. There are chances to buy new property and valuables like gold, silver etc. Health will continue to be fine. Children will excel in studies. Overall, this year is going to be a very nice year for you.

Pariharam: Worshipping Lord Ganesh, Lord Muruga and Hanuman will do good.





This new year is on the Dhanusu rasi which is your own rasi. Hence it is going to bring in fortune and prosperity. All your obstacles will shatter away. Those who have been blaming you so long, will now start to understand you and be in your side. You need to pay more attention to your health issues. You may have to spend money in improving your basic necessities. Those who are in marriage age will get married this year.  You may go on a holy pilgrimage and enjoy divine blessings. Business is going to flourish. You may have difference of opinion with your siblings.

Pariharam: Worshipping Lord Dhakshanamurthy every Thursday will do good.





Since the popular yogathipathi Sukran is in your rasi, this year will bring you a lot of wealth and personal glow. Renovation of house, new vehicles payment of longstanding debts will all happen this year. But, be careful in government dealings. Your work load in office may be increased and thereby tension may also increase. In-spite of that, you will get lot of opportunities to prove your talent and get good feedback from your superiors. Health condition of long term patients will improve. Students will get good friendships and will have to concentrate more on higher studies. Businessmen will get chance to have tie up with big companies.

Pariharam: Praying to Lord Shiva and Shakthi will bring more luck. 






Midas Touch! that is one word to describe this year for you. All difficult tasks will be completed very quickly and efficiently. VIPs will become fiends this year. You will develop skill to solve big problems in a very diplomatic manner. You may buy the electronic gadgets you planned to buy. Be careful when driving vehicles. All good functions may take place in your family early half of this year. Since kethu is in your rasi till June, you will have good peace of mind. For businessmen, this year will bring average profits. Food, coal and iron related businessmen will see good returns.  For employees, this year till June, all your work will go smooth and fast. For Students, concentration may be less in studies. But, hard work will reward and will get you the group you wanted to join.

Pariharam: Worhipping Lord Bhairavar and involving in temple renovation works will bring good deeds.



Meenam / PISCES

Meenam / PISCES


Lessons learnt the hard way in the past will guide you this year. Utilize all small opportunities that come by your way. You will be respected in the society for your wisdom.  As Suryan and Bhudan are in your rasi at the start of this year, your administration skill will improve. You will get good score in competitive exams and get placed in good collages and high profile companies. All government related tasks will be completed easily. For businessmen, since Ashtamathu Sani starts, do not make big investments through loan. Exports and imports, wood, stationary, education and fuel related businessmen will see good returns. For employees, till june you will have tough time in office. After that, you have good chance to get your foreign visa approved, good increments and promotions may also happen. Students will excel in extra curricular activities.

Pariharam: Worship lord Soundrara Raja Perumal and Sri Ramar.


Guru peyarchi 2013 – 2014

The “Guru Peyarchi” takes  place this ‘Vijaya’ year on 28/05/2013, Wednesday at 9.18 pm Indian Standard Time. Guru is moving from Rishaba rasi to Mithuna Rasi   This Raghu –Kethu Peyarchi is favourable for the following rasis;- Rishabam ,  Mithunam ,   Kadaham , Simmam , Viruchagam ,  Dhanushu , Maharam , Kumbam    Following Rashis require pariharam Mesham , Kanni  , Thulam ,  Meenam Given below is the slogam for Raghu and kethu, recite this slogam 11 times a day, and you will attain whatever you wish for. Recite the below Slogam in from of Guru / Dakshinamoorthi everyday for good deeds to happen.   Om Braghaspatheesa vithmage surasaaryaya deemahi Dhanno guru prachodhayadh Om Virushbathvajaya vithmahe Kruni hasthaaya deemahi Dhanno guru prachodhayadh.

Proper Eating Method – The Traditional Way

Proper Eating Method – The Traditional Way

These are the rules, suggested by our ancestors, that are to be followed while eating. It is said in our culture that “Food is Medicine”,(unnave Marunthu). We should know how to take in that medicine which is our food. Observing these rules in our daily life, helps us to live healthy.tamil food

1)Wash your face, hands and legs before eating – because when we wash it increases the

temperature of the digestive system.

2) Do not drink water 15 minutes before eating – because the water we drink may reduce the density of

acids in the stomach and  hence food is not easily

digested and may lead to diabetes.

3) Close your lips while chewing – as excess air may go in if you chew with mouth open. It is said that

If the stomach is filled with food then water and then air for easy


4) Eat breakfast before 9:00 am – The spleen works well at this time and the enzymes produced from

The spleen aids digestion.

5) Feel the colour, taste, smell, temperature and viscosity of the food while eating – Avoid watching

television or reading while eating.

6) Eat all the six tastes in daily meals – sweet, sour, bitter, salt, pungent, astringent in the right amount.


Lets have a look at the usefulness of eating these six tastes daily.

Sweet – Present in fruits n whole grains such as rice, wheat and also in root vegetables. This tastes makes us feel contented. It is used Ayurveda for debilitating weakness, for hair growth and is also good for skin.

Sour – Present in yogurt, cheese, lemon, tamarind, coriander and in citrus fruits. This taste stimulates appetite and increases salivation. It also helps to dispel gas. Taken in right amount it is good for heart and also aids digestion.

Salt –Salt that we normally take acts as an anti-spasmodic and laxative. It also helps digestion and promotes salivation.

Bitter – Present in bitter gourd, spinach, fenu greek leaves and seeds, turkey berry (sundakkai in tamil).This taste has abundance of benefits as it acts as an antitoxic and germicidal. It promotes digestion and is very important for cleansing of the blood and other vital organs of the body.

Pungent – Present in onion, radish, chili, ginger, garlic, asafetida, black pepper and mustard. This taste increases appetite and improves digestion. It also gives taste to food. It cures obesity and improves circulation and facilitates sweating and elimination of toxins.

Astringent – Present in unripe banana, cranberry, pomegranate, turmeric, beans, saffron, basil .This taste stops diarrhea, reduces sweating and also aids healing.

108 Siva Temples to get rid of all sins and attain bliss (Parihara sthalangal)

108 Siva Temples to get rid of all sins and attain bliss (Parihara sthalangal)


Siva Temple

Siva Temples

Below is the List of 108 Sivan Temples which is also known as parihara sthalangal to rectify all doshams or sins and attain bliss.

1)      Thiru kudanthai                – to get rid of sins in previous births

2)      Thiru chirappali                 – to get rid of troubles

3)      Thiru nallaru                       – to get rid of all miseries and troubles

4)      Thiru vidai marudhur      – to get rid of mental problems

5)      Thiruvadudhurai               – to gain wisdom

6)      Thiru maraikadu               – to do better in studies

7)      Thiru thillai                          – to attain salvation

8)      Thiru navallur                     – to get rid of fear of death

9)      Thiruvaroor                        – to get rid of curse upon the family

10)   Thirunagai(Nagapatinam)- to get rid of sarpa dhosham

11)   Thirukanchi(kanchipuram)- to attain eternal salvation

12)   Thiruvannamalai               – to get all your desires come true

13)   Thirunellika                         – to get rid of sins in your previous births

14)   Thiruchenkodu                                 – to attain happiness  in married life

15)   Thiruvanchiam                  – to get rid of fear of Lord Yeman

16)   Thirukarukavur                 – to protect the foetus

17)   VaitheeswaranTemple  – cures all disease

18)   Thiru kodikarai                  – to get rid of Brahma dhosham

19)   Thiru Kalambur                 – to obtain fortune

20)   Thiru kudavayil                  – to pray for the soul rest in peace

21)   Thiru sikkal (Sikkal)          – to obtain courage and valor

22)   Thiru senggattankudi     – to obtain success in all court cases and legal issues

23)   Thiru kandeeswaram     – incurable wounds gets cured

24)   Thirukarukkudi(maruthanallur) – to get rid of family worries

25)   Thiru karuvaeli                  – to get rid of poverty, and also for child birth

26)   Thiru valunthoor              – to get rid of all your sins in all the births

27)   Thiru chatthi mutram     – to obtain married life

28)   Thiru paraithurai(trichy)                – to get happiness for those who lost life due to arrogance and pride

29)   Thiru nedunkalam(trichy)- to get rid of endless miseries

30)   Thiru verumbur(trichy)  -happiness for those who were suffering with authorities

31)   Thiru painjili (trichy)        – to get rid of fear of death

32)   Thiru vaiyyaru                    – to get rid of Agni dhosham

33)   Thiru vaikavur                    – to do archanai with “vilvam” leaf and get rid of sins

34)   Thiru kanchanur               – to get rid of marriage dhoshams

35)   Thiru mangalakudi(suryan temple) – to get child birth

36)   Thiru manancheri             – to get married without any trouble

37)   Thiru millai vayil                – to get rid of Chandra dhosham

38)   Thiru venkadu                   – to get of all dhoshams committed in previous births, to excel in studies

39)   Thirunelveli                        – to get rid of Brahmin sins

40)   Thiru kuttralam                 – to obtain salvation

41)   Thiru valavai (Madurai) – those who reside in southern direction and those with star dhoshams

42)   Thiru paramkundram     – for those who do not know how and where to live

43)   Thiru vadanai                     – to get rid of great sins

44)   Thiru muruganpoondi    – to get rid of dhoshams for mentally retarded people

45)   Thiru padhiri puli              – to get rid of dhosham where the child is separated from the mother

46)   Thiruvakkarai                     – to get rid of all dhoshams done by black magic

47)   Thiruverkaadu                   – to get rid of sins done in business

48)   Thiru mayillapur                – to get rid of dhoshams done by 3 generations

49)   Thiruarasili (olinthiyam patu)- to get rid of dhoshams done due to lust

50)   Thiru valankadu                – to get rid of dhosham committed due to unnecessary scandals

51)   Thiruvettipuram(seiyyaru) – to attain wisdom

52)   Thirupanamkadu              – to get rid of family bondage

53)   Thiruvooral (thakolam)  – to get rid of sins caused due to torturing animals or human

54)   Thiru pachoor                    – to get rid of family worries

55)   Thiru vennai nallur           – to get rid of ancestoral dhoshams

56)   Thiruvathigai                      – to get good wife

57)   Thiruvandaar kovil           – to attain salvation

58)   Thirumoodhu Kundram (viruthachalam) – to get rid of great sins committed

59)   Thirukaruvoor(karur)     -  to get rid of sins done by harming cow

60)   Thirupandi (Kodumudi) – to get rid of pithru(ancestor) dhosham  and curses of dead

61)   Thirukodunkundram(pran malai) – to get rid of next birth

62)   Thirupuhaloor                   – to get rid of sins caused by disrespecting elders

63)   Thirukokarnam (Karnataka) – to get rid of deva dhosham

64)   Thiruthonipuram (sirkazhi) – to get rid of curse on the family

65)   Thiruvaitheeswarankovil – to get rid of all diseases and also angarahan dhosham

66)   Thirukaruppariyaloor      – to get rid of sins committed done to ones guru

67)   Thirupananthal                                 – to get rid of sins caused by misbehaving with others wife

68)   Thirupurambayam           – to get rid of fear of death

69)   Thiru neithanam               – to attain heaven

70)   Thiruvanaika kovil            – to get rid of fate

71)   Thiru vedthikudi               – to get rid of dhoshams done by egoistic people

72)   Thiruvalanchuli                  – to get rid of poverty

73)   Thiru nageswaram           – to get rid of curse of the snake(sarpa sabam)

74)   Thiru naheswara swamy – to get rid of navagraha dhosham

75)   Thiru nallam                       – to get rid of dhosham caused by abusing the Vedas

76)   Thiruthelicheri                   – to get rid of surya (sun) dhosham

77)   Thiruchemberin palli       – those who belong to Veerabadhran lineage should worship here

78)   Thiruthalachankadu        – to get rid ofdhosham caused by the curse of the slaves

79)   Thiruvanniyur                    – those who have lord Somaskandar as their family deity should worship

80)   Thiru nannalam                 – to get wisdom

81)   Thiru ramanatheechuram (thiru kannapuram)-wife whose activities are suspected by their

husband should worship here

82)   Thirumarukal                     – husband and wife to live happily

83)   Thiruchikkal                        – to get rid of enmity of partners

84)   Thirucherai                         – to live a happy married life

85)   Thirukonali (thirukuvalai) – to get rid of navagraha dhoshams

86)   Thiru vaimoor                    – those who have Sevvai (chevvai) dhosham should worship here

87)   Thirunellika                         – to excel in studies

88)   Thiru vendurai(vandurai) – to get rid of poverty

89)   Thiru kadikulam                                – to get rid of all problems

90)   Thiru alangudi                    – to get rid of puthra dhosham

91)   Kottaram                             – to obtain peace of mind

92)   Thittai                                   – to get rid of Chandra dhosham

93)   Pasupathi kovil                  – those who have Raghu(Rahu) dhosham should worship here

94)   Kottaiyoor                           – to get rid of all the sins

95)   Omampuliyoor                  – to get rid of Sani dhosham

96)   Tharumapuram                 – to get rid of sins committed by disrespecting devotees of Lord Siva

97)   Mayiladudhurai                                – to get rid of all sins

98)   Uthirakosa Mangai          – to get rid of ill fate

99)   Rameswaram                    – to get rid of Pithru dhosham

100)Kalaiyar Kovil                     – to get the benefit of this birth

101)Pennadam                         – to get rid of dhosham of previous births

102) Rajendrappattinam       – to get rid of sins from previous births

103) Avinasiyappar                  – to get rid of sins caused by 7 generations

104) Kuranganil muttam        – to obtain success in all you do

105) Bavani                                 – to get rid of pithru dhosham

106) Aachanpuram                  – to get desired married life

107) Aadudhurai                       – to get rid of Dthrishti dhosham

108) Sankaran Kovil                 – to get rid of Sarpa dhosham


Tamil New Year 2013- 2014 Predictions

Tamil New Year 2013- 2014 Predictions

Simham / LEO

Simham / LEO


Communication skills will help you achive greater heights! Money which was never expected to come will reach your hands.You will get special attention from friends and relatives. New solutions will occur for year old problems. March towards your goals as this year is much in your favour. “Vijaya Year” starts in 10th place for your rasi, so your administration and management skills will reach peak. Investments in equities and shares would give good returns. Marriage, New house warming and other good events will happen this year. You can expect honorary postings in clubs and associations. Overall, this would be a memorable year in your life.






Kanni / VIRGO

Kanni / VIRGO


Impossible things will become possible this year! Raise income will match the incresed expenditure, so, no worries. Dream of new house will come true this “Vijaya Year”. Since Guru is coming to 10th place, do not give gurantee for anyone as it would backfire. “Badaga Sani” is in your rasi this year. So it is advised to be more careful while handling expensive gadgets and please do not speed up and dont divert attention while driving. Delegating important work to colleagues may cause problem. This is a year for businessmen to work really hard to manage the competitions in the market.


Thulam / LIBRA

Thulam / LIBRA


You have been tormented by ‘Jenma Sani’ and Raghu and Kethu in the 7th place. All your sufferings are going to get reduced from this Vijaya year. Make sure you don’t get into unnecessary anger and egos. There might be increased responsibility at home and at office. You should handle them patiently to obtain the desired recognition. Don’t poke your nose into others problems, stop talking bad about others. Overall, this year seems to be a good year for you. Worshipping your family deity (Kula theivam) will do good.

Viruchigam / SCORPIO

Viruchigam / SCORPIO



You have to be very prudent from the beginning of this new year. Avoid unnecessary talks, as it may be misinterpreted and misunderstood in many ways. Try to be more humble and diligent in your work place. Accept promotions and transfers that may  come in your way. Pay more attention to your children’s health. People doing joint business, be careful with your partners. Students should work hard to get good results. Praying to Lord ‘Chakrathalvar’ will help you overcome your difficult situtions.





This Vijaya year is going to be a fortunate year for you. Being modest and hardworking will double your happiness. All your talents will now come to light and help you  gain recognition. Never try to take revenge on others. Your financial position will be stable. Auspicious functions will take place in your family. Be careful while using credit cards. Those who seek government job, will get it this year. Women should respect and obey the words of the elders. Do not ignore small health problems relating to skin, allergy, kidney stones and headaches. Visiting ‘Tiruchendur’ and worshipping Lord Shunmuga will do good.





As the new year is going to begin all your problems and confusions will vanish away. Generally looking at the position of the planets, there might be moderate benefits. However, depending on one’s own horoscope, the benefits may vary. Be patient and calm and the goodness will come your way. Working men who had a very tough time at office can now sit back and relax. You will be surprised by the co-operation extended by your colleagues and boss. An unexpected fear which kept lingering in your mind will disappear. Don’t get into unnecessary argument with your spouse. It seems to be a good time to buy new house, plots and vehicles.Visiting ‘Sri Rengam’ and praying to Renganathar will bring good fortune.





This year is going to be a very good year. You can expect increments and promotions at your office. Beware of your enemies. Misunderstandings with your spouse will get solved. Its time for you to get back all the money that you had lent. You have to think twice before renewing any agreement. Worship your family deity (Kula theivam) before starting any good thing. Those who were looking for an overseas job, will get one Students have to work hard. Be cautious while driving long distance. Visiting ‘Palani temple’ will improve your situation


Meenam / PISCES

Meenam / PISCES


Avoid arguments and tensions as this new year begins. Your hurriedness in doing things will not do good, hence learn to be slow and steady in all that you do. Don’t try to quit the present job and look in for another. Your family assets which you had long been waiting for, will come your way. This is a good time to buy new house and vehicles. Girls will get a groom of their choice. Don’t disregard your relatives. Spend some time in meditation and poojas. You may encounter small problems like acidity, nerve problems and problems with the left side of your body, therefore be little careful as ‘Health is Wealth’. Visit “Thirukollikadu” and worship the “Pongu Sani” bagavan there.




Kashayam for Easy and Normal Delivery

Kashayam for Easy and Normal Delivery

Kashayam for easy and normal delivery and good health of mother and baby.

Delivery Kashayam

Delivery Kashayam



  1. Charana Root 20 grams,
  2. Kurunthatti root 20 grams (Sida rhombifolia),
  3. black pepper 10 Nos.
  4. Palm sugar or Jaggery or honey as per taste.

For convenience, the ingredients can also be powdered as per the given ratio and stored to be used everyday.


Take 500 ml of water in mud pot or brass vessel.

Add all the ingredients and boil the water until it becomes less than half(200 ml). Filter and ready to be consumed.Pregnent women should drink this Kashayam every night after end of 8 month to ensure easy and normal delivery.


The oily nature (valuvaluppu) of the roots helps the baby to come out easily.

More over, the herbs will improve the immunity and health of mother and the baby.


Astrology Predictions for 2013

Astrology Predictions for 2013

Astrology Predictions for 2013. The positions of the planets decides what happens to you. Will this year bring you joy? Will you get a better life? Know all by reading his predictions.



Meshaam / Aries:

You make people happy. Whatever you do will have a strong impact on the result! This year doesn’t seem to be much favorable for you. You will wish to achieve great things in life and you will have the positive energy all year along. Those who are in love must be more careful as you people are likely to be cheated. You will have clashes with your family but that will not affect your bondage with them. However for those who are working will do wonders in your job. You will get spiritual and you’ll invest for the welfare of your family. Students will have a bright year. Praying to Lord Ganesha and Tamil Lord Muruga will give you all that you wish


Symbol: The Ram
Element: Fire
Mode: Cardinal
Planet: Mars
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55
Best Trait: Courage
Opposite Sign: Libra
Compatible Signs: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Color: Red
Gemstone: Bloodstone



Rishabam / Tarus

Rishabam / Tarus

Rishabam / Taurus:
You got a life this year. Those who are born under this sign will get home news all throughout the year. It seems to be a lucky year for you with lots of excitement and fun filling moments. Though hectic you will have a smooth ending in your professional life. You are invincible and you have nothing to lose. You will be responsible and for students it seems to be a hectic year. Having deep relationship with anybody can create problems and make you feel depressed. For students, you need to think and act when it comes to the selection of courses and institutions. Overall you have a great year ahead. Cheers!


Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Mode: Fixed
Planet: Venus
Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 6, 11, 20, 29, 37, 47, 56
Best Trait: Dependability
Opposite Sign: Scorpio
Compatible Signs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Color: Blue, Pink, Green
Gemstone: Sapphire



Mithunam / GEMINI

Mithunam / GEMINI

Mithunam / Gemini:
You will play a safe role due to the lack of confidence. 2013 will be a challenging year for you. Buckle up to face the challenge and learn to live with uncertainty rather than finding an answer. You have to control your words because even your normal words can hurt people. When it comes to profession you have to be safe to retain your position and for increments. A little caution would be a good thing for you. There may be conflicts of interest between career and personal freedom. So play this year in a smart way. Ups and downs are parts of life. So take it easy and lead a happy life.


Symbol: The Twins
Element: Air
Mode: Mutable
Planet: Mercury
Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 9, 12, 21, 30, 48, 57
Best Trait: Responsiveness
Opposite Sign: Sagittarius
Compatible Signs: Leo, Aires, Libra, Aquarius
Color: Yellow
Gemstone: Agate



Kadagam / CANCER

Kadagam / CANCER

Kadagam  / Cancer:
You will have a distracting and stressful year. You have to spend some to analyze the problems. 2013 is coming up with aggressive and rude stars that might give you stress. You will be the prior season for the problems you face and not anyone else. However you don’t have to worry as there are some good stars shooting up which will create great changes in your life. You will face a financial crisis this year. Don’t do anything hurriedly. Think twice and act wise. Those good stars rising will prevent you from taking wrong decisions and a promotion is highly possible in your job.


Symbol: The Crab
Element: Water
Mode: Cardinal
Planet: Moon
Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 7, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58
Best Trait: Loyalty
Opposite Sign: Capricorn
Compatible Signs: Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio
Color: Silver, Green
Gemstone: Emerald



Simham / LEO

Simham / LEO

Shimmam  / Leo:
Say cheers, as 2013 is going to upgrade your life with lots of good things. This year will give you extraordinary moments. You will wish to get home things in life and you will keep trying for it. Though the signs are all good you will always step into bigger pair of shoes which will create some problems. Students may tend to focus on social life than on your education, cut it will not affect your studies. The needs of your family and love will be satisfied. Utilized this year properly and have a great life.



Symbol: The Lion
Element: Fire
Mode: Fixed
Planet: Sun
Lucky Numbers: 5, 8, 9, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50
Best Trait: Exuberance
Opposite Sign: Aquarius
Compatible Signs: Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini
Color: Gold, Orange, Red
Gemstone: Onyx



Kanni / VIRGO

Kanni / VIRGO

Kanni  / Virgo:
So here comes the perfectionist. Those who are born under this sign are known for their wisdom and perfection. You have that unique character to distinguish the wise from unwise. Success is following you and you will succeed in whatever you do. You would have had a complex love life even if nothing much seems to be happening. But you will realize the importance of love and the people you love. You will have a stabilized and balanced life. When it comes to your profession, promotions and appraisals are knocking your doors. Hurray! You will have better results and opportunity to start a business may arise. So people start the year with a bash.


Symbol: The Virgin
Element: Earth
Mode: Mutable
Planet: Mercury
Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
Best Trait: Discrimination
Opposite Sign: Pisces
Compatible Signs: Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer
Color: Indigo, Violet
Gemstone: Carnelian



Thulam / LIBRA

Thulam / LIBRA

Thulam / Libra:
Investments and joint financial security will dominate your year. You are the person who loves your life, the way it is. There will be a change in your life. Even if you don’t like, it will benefit you in your future. Your communication skills are your advantage and that will add value to you. Life will keep you with pleasures and happiness. Get rid of the inferiority complex. Great things lie in stores. Unfavorable things might affect your health badly, so avoid unnecessary tensions. When it comes to profession you have to put too much effort and hard work to get home results. Students are going to face a hard year. They must give their hundred percent for achieving their goals.


Symbol: The Scales
Element: Air
Mode: Cardinal
Planet: Venus
Lucky Numbers: 6, 7, 9, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52
Best Trait: Charm
Opposite Sign: Aries
Compatible Signs: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo
Color: Indigo, Yellow
Gemstone: Peridot



Viruchigam / SCORPIO

Viruchigam / SCORPIO

Viruchigam  / Scorpio:
You seem to be the definition of happiness, prosperity and well being. You will be on the cloud nine. You be will surrounded by joy, happiness, wealth and whatever you need. However you might have to suffer from family conflicts this year, but you will have know how to deal and overcome with the situation. You will have to be more attentive with your love life. For graduates and teenagers, better timing to go on a first date or job interview. Some good stars in your sign bring promotion and affirmation. You will be rewarded for your efforts and merits.



Symbol: The Scorpion
Element: Water
Mode: Fixed
Planet: Pluto
Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53
Best Trait: Idealism
Opposite Sign: Taurus
Compatible Signs: Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo
Color: Red, Crimson, Maroon
Gemstone: Beryl





Dhanusu  / Sagittarius:
The New Year 2013 has got nothing special for you. You will have a very normal life but it doesn’t mean that the year has got something bad. You must be optimistic to overcome the bitterness. You will have lots of complications and tensions in your professional life. Amidst all these you will be able to find happiness and security through your family. You must learn to discover pleasures in your normal routine to get happiness. Whatever happens, you will continue to be energetic. You will have to take short trips to solve your financial problems. Health must be your top most priority this year. You are a carefree person and you must change this mentality to lead a happy life.


Symbol: The Archer
Element: Fire
Mode: Mutable
Planet: Jupiter
Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54
Best Trait: Optimism
Opposite Sign: Gemini
Compatible Signs: Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Libra
Color: Purple, Violet, Lavender
Gemstone: Pearl





Magaram  / Capricorn:
Goodness is jingling all the ways. This year is showering you with good things. Your dreams and desires will be fulfilled this year. But a temporary health problem may bring you down. Don’t be lazy and let your responsibilities slide. You will be more sentimental with your loved ones. You will pay more attention to your family. Things are already going great in your day to day life, they are about to get even better this year. Those at work can expect a promotion and hike in your salary. So concentrate on your career and utilized this year. Students should avoid being in wrong company as it will affect them badly.



Symbol: The Goat
Element: Earth
Mode: Cardinal
Planet: Saturn
Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, 10, 28, 37, 46, 55
Best Trait: Self-Mastery
Opposite Sign: Cancer
Compatible Signs: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio
Color: Black, Grey, Any shade of Green
Gemstone: Ruby





Kumbam  / Aquarius:
For the people who crave for love, respect and happiness this is the year. For those who are having a complex love life, take initiatives to please the loved ones and you will surely get a positive response. Rash decisions and sudden plans are to be avoided. You really have nothing to fear. You are a cool head and you will make things work out. You may meet influential people who can help you in starting a business. You are the center of affection amongst the family members. This year seems to be lucky for you. Overall you will be happy and satisfied this year.



Symbol: The Water Bearer
Element: Air
Mode: Fixed
Planet: Uranus
Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 11, 29, 38, 47, 56
Best Trait: Friendliness
Opposite Sign: Leo
Compatible Signs: Aries, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius
Color: Royal, Azure, Sky Blue
Gemstone: Garnet



Meenam / PISCES

Meenam / PISCES

Meenam  / Pisces:
For the emotional fishes, the position of the stars is suggesting you to believe in yourself instead of anyone else. Avoid arguments with close ties. You will be able to show off your skills and feel yourself grow with every experience. You will have to struggle to hit the pot. No matter how much ever you struggle, success seems to be one step ahead of you. When it comes to profession, you will be appreciated for your hard work. You must think wisely before taking a decision. Those who are in love life need to take a firm decision and stand by it. You will have severe health problem, so you are advised to take good care of your health.


Symbol: The Fish
Element: Water
Mode: Mutable
Planet: Neptune
Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 12, 21, 39, 48, 57
Best Trait: Compassion
Opposite Sign: Virgo
Compatible Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
Color: Sea Green, Aqua
Gemstone: Amethyst


Hope you liked the Astrology Predicitions for 2013. Please comment below your suggestions and questions.

India-tradition wishes you all success. Have a fantastic year ahead

Daily Kolam / Thina Kolam

Daily Kolam / Thina Kolam

These kolams are to be drawn on each day of the week. There are totally 7 kolams, for each day signifying each deity. These kolams are drawn in front of the pooja room or the place where God is kept.There is a unique pattern and symbol for each day.

There are slogams to recite on each day. Each day of the week is important for each God, reciting the particular slogam on the particular day helps one acquire all what they want. It also bring in good luck and fortune.Drawing these kolams, and reciting these slogams is said to bring all the goodness in life.


Monday: This kolam drawn on Monday is specially for Lord Soma (moon).

thingal Kolam - Monday Kolam

Tuesday: The kolam drawn on Tuesday is special for the Navagraha Chevai which is the Mars.

Chevvai Kolam - Tuesday Kolam

Wednesday: This Kolam drawn on Wednesday signifies Lord Budhan (planet Mercury).

bhudan Kolam - Wednesday Kolam

Thursday: This kolam is drawn on Thursday signifies Lord Guru Bagavan, which is the planet Jupiter.

Viyalan Kolam - Thursday Kolam

Friday: This kolam drawn on  Friday is to honour lord Sukran which is the planet Venus.

Velli Kolam - Friday Kolam









Saturday: This kolam primarily honors Lord Shanieeswaran which is considered to be the most powerful planet Saturn.

Shani Kolam - Saturday Kolam


Sunday: This kolam is drawn on Sunday and this is specially drawn for the Sun God, Surya Bagavan.

Niyayiru Kolam - Sunday Kolam